LR Range Rover

Range Rover Sport (L320)

Common Problems - faults shown in random order

  • Battery Drain / Flat Battery
  • DPF
  • Fuel System Fault
  • Gearbox & Transfer Box noises & Failure
  • DPF Blocked
  • Stereo / Sound System
  • Heads Up Display Failure
  • Remote Locking Faults
  • Window Faults
  • Door Mirror adjustment failure
  • Air Suspension Error Messages
  • Parking Brake faults
  • Vehicle lacking performance

Preventative Maintenance & Specialist Repairs

Many of the Range Rover Sport problems should have been noticed at service time, unfortunately many workshops fail (or don't have the equipment or ability) to check for software updates and to use Land Rover terminology "Outstanding Campaigns" These are known problems, fixes and updates that should be attended to while the vehicle is being serviced.

Dealer Equipment & Diagnostics Equipment

Unlike most workshops we have full use of all the normal Dealer Only resources, this means that we get notification from Land Rover when we connect your vehicle to our computer systems, we instal software updates and "fixes" as we are working on your vehicle. 

Many workshops and independent specialists claim to us "Dealer Level Diagnostics" - the truth is they are NOT - systems like Black Box Solutions, Lynx, Hawkeye and especially Autologic do not give access to any of the technical resources at Land Rover to the workshop and in many cases provide incorrect information - we get calls every week from Land Rover Specialists and can often tell which diagnostic tool they are using by the errors they are getting from the vehicle withe this clone or reverse engineered equipment. Its quite scary that these workshops are lulled into a sense of security by the manufacturers of this equipment, despite the problems this causes the owners of the vehicles.

It really does pay to have your Range Rover Sport (L320) serviced and maintained by us, you are likely to save a fortune by NOT replacing parts unnecessarily, even when expensive parts do need to be replaced we have the ability in most cases to program good used parts to the vehicle, often saving up to 50% of the cost in the process.

We can service, repair and upgrade any Range Rover, just as k us for details.

Ask your normal garage if they have access to the FULL Land Rover software and resources, if they have a 4x4 Rolling Road to test your vehicle is performing properly and to assist with diagnostics, then give us a call to book your vehicle into our workshop for customer service like it used to be.