LR Range Rover

THE Range Rover Specialists

Our Official Land Rover accredited workshop is so well regarded that we have customers travel from all over Europe and yet we offer cost effective maintenance, Servicing and MOT Testing of all Land Rover and Range Rover models, form the earliest to the current latest models. We even have specialist Electric and Hybrid Trained engineers so can help with the latest vehicles.

Land Rover Range Rover models are unique in that they share mechanical and electrical components with a wide range of other makes and models of vehicles. This makes the vehicles quite unique and also more complicated at the same time. This frequently leaves Land Rover Dealers and Land Rover Independent specialist alike out of their depth.

For Example the P38 Range Rover was one of the most advanced vehicles ever produced by any vehicle manufacturer, even 20 years later other manufacturers are only now adding features that were standard on the P38 Range Rover.

The L322 Range Rover is another good example, clear signs of the links with BMW are evident in this popular model, many of the power plants (engines, gearboxes etc.) and the electronic control units are straight out of BMW models, X series for example.

This sharing of technology and unique components and systems leaves most Land Rover specialists behind as they are used to dealing with "normal" Land Rover models which don't really have much in common with the Range Rover range.

This is where we come in, we have the skills, expertise and experience to carry out tasks, diagnostics, repairs and upgrades that other workshops are quite simply unable to carry out.

The owner of this business drives a unique P38 Range Rover as his daily transport so we really do know these vehicle inside-out.

We regularly receive Range Rovers from Land Rover Dealers, Independent Land Rover Dealers, Range Rover Specialists, regular Garages and owners from all over the country, many vehicles travelling hundreds of miles to use our unique expertise and experience, we even get Range Rover owners travelling from Dundee to see us on a regular basis!

One are of our unique services is our ability to reprogram new OR used parts and control units to repair some of the very expensive control units that many of these models contain, saving owners hundreds and even thousands of pounds in the process of repairing their much loved Range Rovers.

Many of the problems encountered by our 'new' customers would not have occurred if the vehicles software was up to date, there are frequent updates to software to eliminate faults due tolerances /specifications that are to tight in the real world. We are also notified when 'Campaigns' are released which means that replacement parts and software updates are required.